The Sudmetal Group has been present in the regional raw materials market since 1970. Our activity focuses on such products as Sulphuric Acid, Minerals and Non-Ferrous Metals, Chemical Products, Oils and Fishmeal, Fertilizers and Logistical Services.

Since our foundation, the company has established itself in such countries as Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile, acting a distributor, representative and/or agent and we maintain close relations with important customers in the Metal and Non-Metallic Mining Industry, Industrial Fishing, Salmon Farming, Petrochemicals, Metal-Mechanics, Agriculture, Maritime and Port Companies.

Throughout its history, the Sudmetal Group has kept up close relations with top level companies in its areas and it has established companies as well as evaluated important investment projects. Some of these companies are: Amalgamated Metals Inc., Brandeis Intsel, Koch Metals, Union Miniere and Caraiba Metais among others.

At present, the Sudmetal Group is associated with Trammo Inc., with which it established Trans Sud Limitada in Chile, a company devoted to the regional trade in sulphuric acid, sulphur and logistical services related to these important commodities for the mining and fertilizer industries in our region.